Editor's Review

Muslim&Single is an attractive yet simple UK-based Muslim dating site that is becoming increasingly popular every day. Although, there are some expensive and feature-rich dating sites available when it comes to Muslim dating, you will be surprised to know how efficient and well-organized this site is. Muslim&Single exhibits high level of professionalism and offers all the necessary features you can expect in a quality online dating site. It’s increase in popularity is due to their excellent detail in site-management, fast quality of service, and a simple yet efficient membership system that works.


Muslim&Single offers fair pricing as compared to other online dating sites in this niche. There are no multiple membership options available. There’s only one membership plan with different subscription options. In short, the site offers great value for money with minimum hassle. Pricing is as follows:


  • • 3-Months Membership: $32.33 ($10.77 per month)
  • • 6-Months Membership: $44.77 ($7.46 per month)
  • • 12-Months Membership: $57.20 ($4.76 per month)


Following are some prominent features of Muslim&

  • Quick Sign Up: Sign up process is quick and simple as you only have to fill in your basic details. However, if you want to add credibility to your profile then it is recommended that you upload a photo. It will also attract maximum attention to your profile.
  • Quick Search: The Quick Search feature of Muslim&Single provides its users a fast track to love. You can use different criteria in your search such as gender, age, religious sect (Shia, Sunni, or other), etc. and refine the results drastically.
  • Active Blog: Muslim&Single’s dedicated blog offers various online dating tips such as message tips, profile advice, photo advice, etc. to make your dating experience better.
  • Add to Friend List: This feature works similar to ‘Add to Favorites List’.
  • Send a Salaam:This feature is similar to ‘Send a Wink’ feature.
  • Extensive Profile Verification: Each profile on Muslim&Single is personally vetted.
  • Safety and Privacy: Muslim&Single has created a unique online dating network that honors the cultural heritage and identity of Muslims. Their mission is to offer a safe, secure, and confidential environment to Muslim singles to help them find their potential partner with ease.

Pros and Cons


  • • Access to over 30,000 Muslim singles
  • • Member database is quite diverse. You can find a lot of different personalities here – from liberal to strict Muslims
  • • Competitive pricing


  • • Muslim&Single is a UK-based dating community. This means that it is only suitable for UK residents. If you are from outside UK, you will find the service quite expensive and inconvenient to use


Muslim&Single is a quality online dating site for British Muslim community. The site’s efficient and simple dating system allows you to meet your potential partner with minimal challenge and fuss. It also offers user-friendly experience to help you meet someone in the UK who is your perfect match thanks to the site’s excellent search system and profile management. Overall, Muslim&Single is a recommended site to any British Muslim single who wants a simple and serious solution to online dating that does not break the bank.