Tips About Dating Muslim Women

Posted by | Nov 27th, 2016

If you are dating a Muslim girl, everything will be different, especially if it’s your first time to date one. For many, it’s a challenge to date Muslim women, but if you’re willing to take risks, there are several things you should know first before you make a move and these include:

  • - Consider a Background Check: You have to remember that Islam is just a religion. A lot of people believe that being a Muslim is often said to be the hardest thing on Earth, Christians marrying Muslims. It’s mostly because they ascribe to particular rules and beliefs. What you should understand when dating a Muslim girl is that every Muslim is different in every country. They are quite particular with the things they believe in. Therefore, before taking her out and start talking about some things, you must be more sensitive as you might say something offensive.
  • - Timing: Generally, Muslims pray five times a day. As such, ensure that you set a date at a time that’s convenient for her when she won’t be praying. Never try making her choose between the date and her prayers. Dating a Muslim girl has never been simple, yet if you know right timing, you won’t have any problems about it.
  • - Be Open-Minded: It’s the most important tip for first timers in dating a Muslim girl. It’s true that majority of Muslims are particular about their beliefs and customs. Every state, religion or country has its own culture and customs. You need to ensure that you’re considerate and you will stay that way. Various cultures come with several customs and beliefs. Just because she doesn’t believe in what you do doesn’t mean you may go ahead as well as disregard her religion. Always be respectful and you’ll see how amazing your relationship with her will be.
  • - Unless Allowed, Avoid Intimate Touching: As mentioned, every Muslim girl believes in different things. It just means that some are strict with their religion while some aren’t very interested with the Muslim dating advice and rules. Therefore, you have to ensure that you’re aware of the type of girl she is. Once you know this, you’ll know when you should lean in for a kiss or a hug and when you should not to.
  • - Food: If Muslim foods aren’t familiar to you, then you’re living in a cocoon. You have to remember that Muslims do not eat pork. So, whenever you will ask her for a date, ensure that there’s no pork in it. But, if you aren’t sure about her favorites, it would be a good idea to let her pick what likes to do or eat.
  • - Be Considerate: You also need to take note that respect is paramount. You should always stick with the Muslim dating rules give that respect to Islamic religion.

Dating a Muslim girl doesn’t have to be challenging. If you know how to follow rules, respect, and considerate with her customs or beliefs, you can be assured that you will achieve all your relationship goals.